Born in Oporto, he started his gastronomic journey at O Paparico in February 2016 as an intern. He soon asserted himself as a professional with vision and ambition, fitting in sublimely with the values, demand and discipline that guide us.

In his professional career, he has worked in the kitchens of Maeemo restaurant in Oslo, holder of three Michelin stars, and Culler de Pau restaurant in O Grove, Galicia, which currently has two stars, having been invited to return to O Paparico's kitchen in October 2017.

Solid, he took on the roles of Sub-chef, Chef de Cuisine, until heading the restaurant's kitchen as Executive Chef, a position he occupies until the present moment.


"Paparico is my home. I live, breathe, and cherish the restaurant as if it was my own. I feel my team as if they are family."
- Executive Chef Rúben Santos

For Executive Chef Rúben Santos, in addition to the basic concepts that accompany the history of O Paparico, the territory, the product, the recipe and the culture, there are two intangible feelings that complement them, emotion and energy.

Since a young age, the Chef's interests have been divided between the sciences and the arts. On one hand, he feels the urge to understand the world in a logical and analytical way, on the other, he has an atrocious desire to express himself. As a result of these two ambiguous systems, his gastronomic creations, even the cuisine he practises, is the mirror of a consistent, precise, and careful research of every ingredient, which culminates in the ultimate search for pleasure, for emotion, for a state of the soul. From his perspective, gastronomy is a form of artistic expression as valid as sculpture, music, or painting, so much so that it can even be liberating. His creative process is, in this way, a reflection of the influences coming from all these areas.

His motto is the will to be more, better, to lead the unusual, the irreverent. Rebellious by nature, he is everlasting unsatisfied. Quoting his own words, "you can call it ambition, self-improvement, dreams or even naivety. I usually call it restlessness.".

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