We arrived at the month of January, the number 1 of the calendar. The year turned around and we started a new cycle. With the number one, the restaurant closes for vacations and it's time to relate with nature time.

Accompanying the Expression of Nature, we could not miss the truffle season.

This year something unusual happened: the black truffle appeared before time, which made there a longer period of black and white truffles simultaneously.

Each beginning has an end or in this case a "until now", at least to the products. The daily search and the opportunity to be able to create freely on the Portuguese recipe, culture, territory and product leads the O Paparico Team to explore Portugal from north to south, presenting according to the rhythm of nature, gastronomic proposals that revive and create memories.

Number 12 has arrived. The last month of the calendar, the month of Christmas and New Year's festivities; the month of family reunion and sharing the table for hours; the month before your Paparico closes for vacations.

It is time to say goodbye to some moments that have accompanied us. Nature dictates the rhythm, the compass and with the products of the season, we make the best choreography possible, where the choreographer is Portugality.

The salt crackles on the ember while the fire dance through the morning. The lower temperatures and the shorter days attract to the table the conviviality and the sharing of the union.

The colours have changed, the temperatures also have changed: October has arrived!

New crops, new products, new ideas, the same way to feel...

O Paparico received Maurício Pinto d'Os Goliardos, in a fantastic wine tasting. And as it couldn't be otherwise, we took the moment to share a more private glass of wine, in a conversation where the theme was the world he represents: the wines.

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