May showed itself to be noble and with personality. It graced us with dishes that solemnised spring and announced the arrival of summer. Seductive, it took on vibrant colours and it was in this frenetic rhythm that brought us back to a happy past.

Nature is generous this month. Proof of this are the products that have influenced and transformed our Menus. There are, however, two elements that deserve a special mention and to which we will dedicate this article, the elderberry flower and the "minhota" old cow.

March arrived triumphant and with Menus full of exquisite particularities. Conceived down to the smallest detail with the aim of creating a contrast between the rustic sobriety of our space and the explosion of a disruptive cuisine in colours, flavours, aromas and textures. If the result was certain, this trip reserved, moments of total bewilderment and surprise. Memorable - that's how many of our diners described their experience at O Paparico.

Welcome to February at O Paparico!
It is a special month as it welcomes our re-opening. Time is running out and we have all the willingness in the world. The re-opening of the doors not only announces our return to the Portuguese gastronomic scene but will also be a breath of fresh air for those who visit us.

It is with great pleasure that we follow the evolution and blossoming of new talents in the kitchen of O Paparico, this time in the area of Patisserie. We proudly saw our Pastry Chef Ana Macedo participating in the Young Gastronomy Talent Forum, which took place at the Axis Hotel in Ofir, last February 9th.

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