O calmo outubro revelou-se letárgico. Esta condição de dormência latente – não menos inspiradora – permitiu saborear o tempo, com tempo. Vivê-lo, senti-lo, transcendê-lo. Viajamos por Portugal continental e insular, numa rota que se suspeitava morosa e cativante. Assim foi.

September progressed in a fun and impactful way at O Paparico. From Salty Cuisine to Pastries, the notion of time faded with the involvement between what was tasted and the wording of what the mouth was perceiving as it discovered flavours that held as much of a feeling of home as they did of the unexpected.

It is in gastronomy that we find our most human side, each gastronomic moment is an act of love, faith and sharing. Here we take man as a whole, we touch his heart, his mind and all his senses.

The June creations at O Paparico followed the Portuguese coastline and we celebrated the women of the sea with the creation "Canja à Sargaceira". From the land, we are grateful for the dish of the Milk Kid and Stewed Broad Beans, which makes up a show capable of receiving a standing ovation. Finally, the Creamy Sponge Cake and Elderberry Flower solemnise our attachment to the heritage of conventional pastries.

May showed itself to be noble and with personality. It graced us with dishes that solemnised spring and announced the arrival of summer. Seductive, it took on vibrant colours and it was in this frenetic rhythm that brought us back to a happy past.

March arrived triumphant and with Menus full of exquisite particularities. Conceived down to the smallest detail with the aim of creating a contrast between the rustic sobriety of our space and the explosion of a disruptive cuisine in colours, flavours, aromas and textures. If the result was certain, this trip reserved, moments of total bewilderment and surprise. Memorable - that's how many of our diners described their experience at O Paparico.