May showed itself to be noble and with personality. It graced us with dishes that solemnised spring and announced the arrival of summer. Seductive, it took on vibrant colours and it was in this frenetic rhythm that brought us back to a happy past.

March arrived triumphant and with Menus full of exquisite particularities. Conceived down to the smallest detail with the aim of creating a contrast between the rustic sobriety of our space and the explosion of a disruptive cuisine in colours, flavours, aromas and textures. If the result was certain, this trip reserved, moments of total bewilderment and surprise. Memorable - that's how many of our diners described their experience at O Paparico.

Throughout the year, O Paparico recreates a panoply of products from Nature, and creatively interprets dishes from Portuguese recipes. The truffle, in particular, stood out in December for its rarity and seasonality and inspired us to create six iconic moments. The eccentricity and unrepeatability, along with the surprise factor, in which each dish was only revealed at the moment, soaked our diners in a unique tasting experience.

It´s impossible to remain indifferent to the colours of the trees and vegetation, as well as the delicious and privileged products that we find in this season. Today, we present some of the dishes that were part of our October menu. Who knows, maybe next year we'll see these dishes again at O Paparico.

Gastronomy is not only about the purpose of conception, we stress that pleasure should be governed by reason, which results in moderation and the satisfaction of the senses invested in the perception of an exemplary culinary creation.

Each beginning has an end or in this case a "until now", at least to the products. The daily search and the opportunity to be able to create freely on the Portuguese recipe, culture, territory and product leads the O Paparico Team to explore Portugal from north to south, presenting according to the rhythm of nature, gastronomic proposals that revive and create memories.