July Creations 2020

Todos os meses, assim que transitarmos de carta de um mês para outro, vamos trazer-lhe algumas das criações que saíram da mesma.

Mas porquê só agora? Simples, porque queremos que venha à descoberta e se consiga surpreender; assim, partilhamos consigo alguns dos pratos que muito provavelmente só poderá voltar a provar para o ano. Assim é a natureza das coisas.

Octopus with Grow Green Sauce

Octopus with green sauce, typical of the north of the country. Steamed and finished in coal. Scenic scenery, it recalls the tradition through the traditional green sauce served in a onion. In the creation of the elements of the dish there was a sentimental involvement carrying a childhood story to a technique: "When I was a child, I remember collecting the potatoes that were cooked inside the embers of my grandfather's burning" Sérgio Cambas.
Cooking is also feeling, that's how this feeling, this memory of a family experience was transported to an element. The sweet potatoes that kept this dish were cooked inside the ashes, where a memory was translated into taste and in turn into experience. This small example has as its name: identity; every dish we make has a bit of us.

Lightly preserve Mackerel, Capers and Caviar Ossetra Imperial

This dish mirrors part of the history of those who once left our territory in search of its expansion. Two processes of conservation: conservation and healing, which are part of what we are. A visit to a small fish canning factory in Setubal was the trigger for inspiration. Taking the recipe for fed mackerel, typical of the Algarve coast, the elements were harmonized with the technique, colour, flavour and aroma as the expression of the dish.

"Beira-Interior" soft Pudding, Rabaçal Cheese and Cherries

A sweet element of the July letter, inspired by the convent and translated by the season where cherries were the differentiating element. The cherry is a product of the season, available only for 2/3 weeks. Besides using this fresh product, some have also been kept for later use. The life of a product is more than what we directly observe. As in everything, there is a before and an after. In the before, we look at the flower and in the after we can think of the dried or preserved fruit, thus allowing us to prolong the value of nature's life.

Salty and Cured Cod Fish, Cod Bladder Sauce and Cod Cocoxa "Açorda"

Portugal in its civic construction, never held very balanced social classes, which caused great inequalities of poderios. These differences marked poverty, nobility and the disposition of food. On the Portuguese table since always, bread is the food that always has the right place. For many families, the only way to make the products yield was in this way, by making "açordas" or soups of bread with what they had available.

"Truta de Escabeche"

The "escabeche", is a process of preserving by acetic action used in fish, meat and vegetables throughout the country. This process has been interpreted praising the balance and value of the technique. A bite had to pass history, culture, tradition, product and taste. The smallest elements in terms of size are always those where the intensity is greater. Although often set aside, we are a bite people, where small elements are part of what we are (rissoles, croquettes, "bolinhos de bacalhau|",...).

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