December has arrived, a time that marks the end of a year that was intense, audacious and challenging. "The most wonderful time of the year". It is a month of celebration, that fills our city with lights, love, smiles and pride. Even the air smells different, there's a specific fragrance connected to this date. It cannot be expressed into words, it can only be felt.

"Never turn your back on God when diving in search of Lucifer's fingers". Lucifer's fingers, the rare Portuguese delicacy that men risk their lives to harvest.

“Percebes”, an enigmatic species: mysteries that continue after Darwin... What are they doing in the sea?

The use of fish eggs is already well established in the portuguese gastronomy. Examples of this are the fresh roe, such as codfish and hake, and the dried roe, such as octopus and canned sardine, the so-called Portuguese caviar.