November Nature

The salt crackles on the ember while the fire dance fumes through the morning.

The lower temperatures and the shorter days attract to the table the conviviality and the sharing of the union.

November marks the unification of beings, just as S.Martinho did when he cut his cloak and shared it with those who needed it most.

November is the month of greater presence of the full moon, which represents stronger seas and capture of fish of greater depth, however month of greater shortage.

In this month the seafood gains greater presence on our tables.

Some people choose November as the month of the slaughter, originates smoking periods.

In the sweets, November brings us the sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon, the fried, the sweet rice, the vermicelli.

From the land it is time for potatoes, peas, beans and turnips.

This month also marks the year with the distillation period.

"I am the son of wine and grandson of brandy" is a saying of November; month of production “Aguardente”, produced with the wine masses of the October fermentations.

From Alentejo, we get some peas with eggs and cow tongue, where the sweetness of the pea and the unctuosity of the egg, creates the perfect balance of flavours and textures.

A single bite takes us to the Alentejo territory, where much more than a region, is the cultural base of pure flavour. 

From Setúbal we reach the oyster of the Sado estuary.

Addressing culture, we have to talk about tradition and seasonality and nothing better than these months of the end of the year, to address one of the great products of our coast, the oyster.

As we mentioned before, the colder months have a greater presence of the full moon, which makes the seas stronger and better conditions for growth and development of this species.

Oyster Moscatel, a note from our southern coast prescription, traditionally made with cockle.

Our approach to this Portuguese recipe is a more contemporary version, where we involve the flavours of the recipe with buttermilk and grape. The oyster iodine and the flavour of the muscatel are the ones that mark the greatest presence, raising each other. However, the milk protein present in buttermilk, fills the mouth and increases the involvement and tasting experience of this dish.

With the same restlessness that leads us to design new routes, we present the ham stuffed with chestnuts, black truffle and the mashed potato oven purée, which accompanies the menu of O Paparico 7 years ago. Boneless, glacized, stuffed and directly from the oven to your table!

With the compass marked by nature, we keep the squid in our menu evolving into another dish of the Portuguese recipe: Squid and Beans Stew.

Smoked notes, iodized and unctuous flavours, creates the armenian between the smooth texture and sweet touch of the squid, with the robustness of the beans.

More than accompanying nature in products, is to extract its maximum potential with the recipe that made us what we are.

But it is not enough to be just a recipe with this product. It has to be related to the time of the season, the point of the season and the cosy embrace, which involves us in a mixture of emotions and that reflects the season.

Arriving at the sweet moment, the novelty of the number 11 calendar is a typical sweet of this time. As a matter of fact, all year round, but as it will be served lukewarmly, we believe it makes perfect harmony with the moment of the year and the season. This new dessert is rice pudding. Simple and traditional in the way it is made, but elevated with a light orange citric notes, where the citrus balances the sweetness and creaminess creates the necessary environment, to make this sweet rice, known to all of us Portuguese, into the sweet rice that will mark us forever!

Translated by DeepL