January Nature

We arrived at the month of January, the number 1 of the calendar. The year turned around and we started a new cycle. With the number one, the restaurant closes for vacations and it's time to relate with nature time.

The month of January is the coldest month of the year, and it's time to prepare the land for crops, potatoes, peas, broad beans, lettuce, onion, garlic, parsley, leek and turnip. Month to vaccinate the cattle and protect them.

In an atypical year like 2020, closing the year and going on vacation is a blessing. It is the moment of reflection, adjustments, rest, introspection, self-analysis, gathering strength, knowledge and experiences for the next season.

To live at the rhythm of nature also means to slow down, gain strength and prepare the next moment as if we were entering a moment of fertilization, to prepare ourselves to receive the next sowings.

Living in harmony with nature is much more than accompanying it. The whole species takes time for itself, hibernation, migration, ... and the human being is no different. We are one, when we stop, we all stop, that way the restaurant will be closed. However, closing the restaurant for vacations does not mean that we are stopped. The world does not stop and we do not stop with it. We will keep searching what moves us.

A restaurant like O Paparico is the reflection of an identity expressed through the work of a team. Behind each element of the team is a person with his identity and his life. Wealth exists or is only possible, with the balance between the two sides. This month O Paparico is a living proof of this. The point of balance where we try to enrich and live our identity in order to nourish the group and our experience.

A day is more than hours, minutes and seconds. It is more than a sunrise and a sunset. It's more than a good day, good afternoon and good night. A day is an endless world of experiences. Each experience awakens our senses... the senses, emotions... and the emotions associated with memory form our identity.

We are the clay moulded by nature. We are the stone sculpted by the experiences. We are the plants that grow and develop with the emotions. We are people who direct their sensibility to the nation, making passion, profession, using the means to create experiences for all those who visit us.

O Paparico is more than just a Portuguese restaurant. It is a group that together makes a difference based on what we live, based on what we believe, based on what we are! And at the moment we are alive, just like the deciduous trees with frozen morning hail, clinging to the branches, preparing our green leaf recovery, receiving energy, to catalyse in photosynthesis oxygen for new creations.


Translated by DeepL