We sit at the table with our I&D Director David Jesus

David Jesus, arrived at the beginning of 2020 to the Group, with a huge ambition and an incredible will and strength. In a relaxed conversation, today we know a little more about our Director of Research and Development. 

Tell us a little bit about the story of how you came to us?

David Jesus (DJ):First of all, I want to thank you for the opportunity to give this interview in order to get to know me a little better.

I was working in Madrid, in a restaurant with 3 Michelin stars, I was “Chef de Partida” and I was invited to go to the chefs' congress in Lisbon in September 2019. There I met Sergio. A few weeks later, Sergio missed a connecting flight and stayed in Madrid. We had lunch and for fun, the idea of working together came up. A few weeks later, we were meeting to fine-tune details regarding my integration in this Group.

What did you see when you arrived?

DJ: I saw that there is much more than projects, there are people who independently, linked by the same DNA, contribute to a whole, to a common goal. To do more and better, where each guest has the main role in the day to day.

Where do you get inspiration?

DJ: Inspiration has no origin, no appointment. I think it's a constant relationship between what we live and what we are. While I run, I reflect on many things and have many ideas, but it's when I least expect, that the best ones come up. I'm sure that the main factor of inspiration is the feeling. Feeling and making feel, is undoubtedly my creative base.

What is for you O Paparico?

DJ: O Paparico is the home where the Portuguese Cuisine lives! The house that lives a relationship with nature, culture, territory and the recipe! 

More than talking about O Paparico as a restaurant, I talk about O Paparico as an institution that forms, carries and passes on the message of what we all are, Portuguese, our roots and customs.

O Paparico for me is the restaurant in Portugal that best represents Portugal at the fine dining level. 

What are your biggest challenges when we talk about O Paparico?

DJ: The biggest challenge is exactly to overcome day by day, the work that develops in O Paparico! To merge my identity with that of the Group, in order to unify in a single direction, the achievement of the general objectives. 

Making Portuguese food with Portuguese products in Portuguese territory is not easy, so now think about what it is to do all this, at the highest gastronomic level; that is the real challenge, to be Paparico!



Translated by DeepL


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