February Nature

We enter number two, a month that reflects the preparations of the previous month and looks forward to new sowings.

In February it is time for the vegetable garden to sow leek, beet, onion, carrot, coriander, cauliflower, asparagus, spinach, beans, watermelon, turnip, bell pepper, radish, cabbage, parsley and tomato.

February also represents periods of higher dairy production, because with the rains and green pasture appearing, there is a greater abundance of fresh milk.

In a world where we live accustomed to noise, we stop little to hear the noise of nature; it also screams, but also whispers as an expression.

February in Portugal is different, due to government measures motivated by the pandemic19. The fever of getting up early, busy for another day's work decreases, and we find ourselves looking for the only possible way out of this lack of routine, which is to get involved with nature, looking for open spaces, free and green, where we feel the purity of this force.

Now the days are like the nights; little human activity and movement, but nature keeps its routines, now freer and with more expression.

The conditioning of commercial and human activity leads to a reduction in production, but the productive areas are increasingly larger and more fertile.

Nature also needs rest and there is much more than fresh produce. We have to look at nature and think that we should make the most of what comes from it and preserve it, to have as much time as possible, like making preserves, or pickles, or products resulting from healing processes or drought.

Nature does not stop and we have no power against, but return in favour! More than exploring, we have to feel and although this message is much more intellectual and sentimental, it is still raw and real.

This time that we have now also allows us to think about the reopening of O Paparico.

Taking advantage of the learning gathered by experiences lived in these months, such as some internships and professional sharing, in order to develop and consolidate new ideas, new dishes, new combinations, new experiences.

More than stopping with time, we advance with time, preparing and thinking more and more about the details, to enhance the “Paparico” experience.

When one cannot guess the future, the cement jungle that surrounds us gives space to the green, to the strength of the mother who was once the author of the birth of purity in tone of life. Perhaps we have always lived in a darkness that has taken away our true focus, perhaps this is our light, to guide us to the true essence and human power, the expressions of nature.




Translated by DeepL