March Nature

We reach number three on the calendar, and with it we present the expressions of nature and what comes from it.

Step by step with hope and focus on improving times; we hover with the wind, between the bursts of the sea and the fog that cosies up the mornings.

On the land, it is time to prepare the soil for corn and potatoes (irrigated) and in regions with less frost, sow wheat, oats, rye and barley. In the vegetable garden we prepare the cuttings for the beans and peas.

Sow pumpkin, lettuce, beets, cabbage, turnip greens, peas, spinach, beans, watermelon, melons, cucumbers, parsley, tomatoes, carrots.

It's time to harvest white onions and chives, radishes and soursop.

Planting or transplanting: potatoes, onions, cabbages and asparagus.

In March, we should preferably water in the morning, in case of lack of water due to lack of rain. Perform, weather permitting, the first hoes of lettuce, garlic, and other developing crops.

In this month of March, we must continue in the orchards with the treatments, in order to preserve the quality of the fruit and ensure that it ripens on the tree. We must also complete pruning and prepare the vine and stone fruit tree frames.

It is also the beginning of the period to reseed the pine trees.

During the month of March, the O Paparico team goes out into the field to get closer to its producers and to nature, designing a line of action based on conservation techniques applied to products resulting from "foraging", wild harvesting.

The objective of this activity is to plan a production line of products with our partners and to take advantage of this interruption to deepen technical knowledge to be applied in the development of new products. Similar to what was already done during the last year, the products that will be collected will be applied throughout the year in the most diverse ways and if possible, the same product in different phases (preserved and fresh).

Nature has the key and the ignition for the working basis, we just have to apply, respect and let ourselves be carried away by its offer, magnitude and impetus.

During this month we will be kicking off "Expressions Live. Lives on our Instagram page where the goal is to present the figures of the Team mirroring the message expressed here at Expressions, relating the work that is developed with the expressions of nature and a specific theme for each guest.

We want those who accompany us to get closer to us and in this way, this project promotes that closeness. Good also for those who have any questions, and/or would like to interact with any of the Team members.

The anxiety of reopening is present every day, the sigh of relief is closer than ever. We believe we are closer to being able to open the doors of our restaurant again, to all our guests, with a more solid, passionate, magical, incredible experience, a more Paparico style experience.




Translated by DeepL