The month of April - O Paparico and the Nature

We enter number four on the calendar, a month of great changes in light, time, colours, and scents. Impetuous changes dictated by Nature. We are in spring. The days are longer and temperatures are rising, with an average of 14º. Daylight saving time is already in effect and we have sunlight from 6:30 in the morning until 8 pm.

Green is predominant and flowers are the canvas of the picture of the month.

The aromas are floral and by the sea, the dunes emanate the power of the sea through their halophytes, harmonizing the picture arranged by nature this month and in which the expression is much more than expressed.

In April it is time to weed and hoe the fields sown in the previous month.

Plant asparagus and strawberry trees, sow corn and chickpeas, plant potatoes in the drier lands, and at the end of the month, in the deeper lands.

In the vegetable garden, sow pumpkins, potatoes, beets, broccoli, carrots, cabbage, broad beans, melons, watermelon, turnips, cucumbers, radish, parsley, etc.

In the orchard cure the trees against stoniness of apple trees, against limpets and scales of citrus fruits, and against lice, aphids and other insects.

Clean the shoots (thieves) in grafts made on fruit trees.

In the field finish preparing the land for the next sowing and planting. It is time to sow rice, oats, rye, barley, corn, wheat and forages.

In the barn, with the rising temperatures it is necessary to take care of the hygiene of the dairy cows and separate the calves from their mothers; towards the end of the month, it is time to shear the sheep.

In the winery, it is time to finish the racking, the collages, and the bottling of the remaining wines and brandies, and to continue to keep an eye on the containers, avoiding the empties that will be filled with brandies.

The sea is calmer and with the calmness brings to shore lighter coloured, fatter and bigger fish. With rising water temperatures, shellfish, squid and cuttlefish begin to have a greater sweetness and unctuous richness with potency by the end of the month.

Nature dictates the list of tasks and we, in order to maximize its fruit, follow and explore to the maximum, maintaining respect for everything that happens without our interference.

Addressing a little the reality of our country, it is in April that the restoration begins to resume, however very limited and still without a forecast of what will be normality.

The research work continues in the scope of developing more authentic and innovative products and proposals.

The lives have been a success, a project that began in March and will continue this month. The themes will be increasingly special and dynamic, and the expression of those who make themselves known is to be closer to you.

We'll start this month with a live about foraging with chef Rúben Santos and the chef Director of the Research and Development Department David Jesus and we'll follow with our Fábio Quiraz, former pastry chef of O Paparico, who now has other functions in the Group.

There will also be a special live about our chef Rúben Santos, in order for this figure of O Paparico and of the national cuisine, to make himself known and express his identity.

More themes keep coming up, because in times like these, relationships are the refuge and the safe harbour. Ours remains unchanged, seeking to reach further and further.

The ego will never override what is our essence, what is the essence of O Paparico.

Nature dictates, but O Paparico is the house that shelters, transforms and projects everything that nature enters through the door, coming back out in a magical tone, in an abstract tone, in the form of experience, in the form of memory.

One day less to be together again!





Translated by DeepL