The month of October – O Paparico and Nature

Autumn - an expression of Latin origin, "autümnus" or "autümum" - is the time for harvesting.

With the arrival of autumn comes new colours, aromas and flavours, typical of a colder season. Summer juices and salads are replaced by cosier dishes. It's the beginning of a new season!

Autumn brings with it fallen leaves, bare trees, grey days and a drop in temperatures. It calls for pot roast, comfort food, warmth and the oven roasts. Preparations with time. Hence the time for jams, jellies and marmalade.

The products of the land merge into a diverse panoply of gastronomic proposals that fill the eyes and refresh the most demanding appetites.

Products such as chestnuts, grapes, figs, pumpkins, dried fruit, pomegranates, persimmons, quince, tangerines and apples, among others. Especially mushrooms, game and the noble product of this season: the truffle.

From generation to generation, the traditional gastronomy shows the richness of the products, the knowledge of its people, sometimes "seasoned" by the wild flavours of the Atlantic winds, sometimes moulded by the mountain air. This is emotive gastronomy, which transmits ancestral knowledge and practices. Faced with new challenges, there is the (re)birth of a collective idea of "regional cuisine" and the valorisation of endogenous resources and products, as differentiating elements and as a link to the territory, in a strategy of identity affirmation, as well as the revival of interest in traditional gastronomy today

In signature cuisine, gastronomic tradition is combined with innovation and creative incursions.

People want to experience other cultures, to try new flavours. Gastronomy and cooking can be an important reason, or even the main reason. This is the season when the cooks' creativity is inherent to the products.

Without the flavour that comes from the earth, the tradition of each people is incomplete. It is with this phrase and with the most intoxicating season, that we are going to cook the menu of this season, which makes us fall in love with its products.


Translated by DeepL