August nature

August is the month to give time to time. That month in which the clock seems to count at a different pace than the rest of the year, the high temperatures force this apparent slowing down, the heat calls for slowness and it is in this slowness that nature matures some of the richest products of the year. Cooking and creating in August is pure adrenaline. If in the remaining months we feel pushing nature to adapt to our creativity, in this month we are overwhelmed and pushed to create so much is the bonanza.

In this August menu, we selected the best of this season, in a trip from north to south, from east to west, but the sea had an important weight.

From the Algarve, in a traditional gazpacho, shines the pink gamba; also came the luscious coriander and some sumptuous clams, open to "Bulhão Pato", just as a pretext to give bed to the so fragrant grass. One of the best Portuguese meats cared for by Jacinto in Esposende was added, some succulent simple "coração de boi" tomatoes, salted with some "Salmarim" snowflakes, blue lobsters from our coast, very fresh and that compose a light "Salada Russa".

From Setúbal some cuttlefish came to order and a rich sauce of them. To close with protagonism the last moment of an experience in O Paparico and slowly, like the rhythm of nature that brought them, came the figs (oh the figs!!), those honey drops, sweet, wet, addictive. And so many other direct cuddles of nature that in this month so generous does not allow us to express or arrange all the deserving words and that you can only prove and prove when you visit.

This August menu consolidated what was a page in O Paparico's history.

It was the narrator of the reopening and evolution of the concept. He redesigned the service and offered a distinctive proposal.

The menu presented marks the pattern of restarting this trip. Every time a boat stops at a port, it changes! This is how we see this stop... our O Paparico boat has stopped at the port and is already back at sea and making its journey... different? No doubt! Two days will never be the same, but one thing is for sure: no matter how many ports appear on this voyage O Paparico will always be O Paparico and we will always sail in our essence.

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