The month of September - O Paparico and the Nature

Today we present you some of the expressions printed on this month's Menu.

September is the month of the greatest harvest, the month of the end of summer and the beginning of a new season. The beginning of the leaf fall... Each year has 365 leaves! Each one has a shade... Each mark we make on a leaf has an expression; an expression that is not ours, but nature's.
The key point is to find the balance in order to highlight what we idealized in each leaf! And we are only the link between: nature and each guest.

In September Menu we cross part of the Atlantic to that small Portuguese island that has as name: Madeira.
We were inspired by the products of the season and brought to your table a Swordfish with corn and passion fruit; the perfect balance between the creaminess and texture of the fish, with the acidity, freshness and sweetness of this fruit of the season.

From Alentejo, we bring you some pork "pezinhos" with coriander, very rich and glazed with the sauce where they cook.

Following our coast and presenting a typical dish of those who make life from the sea: "caldeirada", with the best variety of fish and bivalves available on the day.

Mussels also come from the sea. These are the largest natural purifiers, simply open to the natural and garnished with a pickle. These are the beginning of O Paparico experience, an appetizer that takes you to the sea, to our coast, our culture, to our recipe.

We finish this trip with sweetness and perfume through a Jesuit with lemon or prince herb.

Sharing is part of the Portuguese table culture; the custom of bread with cheese and olives in the center of the table is the best example, and so this month, in addition to the new Menu proposals, we bring you the Sharing Menu - where each guest can choose a set of dishes, in order to have an authentic experience made to measure.

Translated with DeepL