O nosso sommelier Fernando Mansilha, selecionou três vinhos para o acompanhar ao longo deste mês. São eles o Quinta das Lamelas Grande Reserva de 2017, o Anselmo Mendes Dão Silvares de 2015 e, por último, o Kopke 50 Anos Branco.

O Paparico is an assumed lover of Portuguese culture. It is through it that we express ourselves and from it that we drink our creativity. Sometimes metaphorically, sometimes literally. 

With a wide range of wines, O Paparico's pairings converge in a process which involves meticulous research - of the wines and their producers - and synergy with our cuisine.

This new section of Expressions was created with the purpose of going through the vast Portuguese wine world. Following the same logic about the products of Nature that influence our Menus, it directly impacts the choice of our wine cellar and consequently the selection of our pairings.

O Paparico received Maurício Pinto d'Os Goliardos, in a fantastic wine tasting. And as it couldn't be otherwise, we took the moment to share a more private glass of wine, in a conversation where the theme was the world he represents: the wines.